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Duluth, MN

ISOC National Season Opener

Jesse left for Minnesota 2 weeks prior to the race (11/19-12/1) to practice and prepare. Jeff and Nicole met him there a week before the race to do some testing and address issues with the bike. 

The first day of the race ran as scheduled and Jesse did not have a practice or moto that day. Shortly after the drivers meeting on Saturday the snow began to fall. Practice was at 2:50 and the snow and wind roaring. The track conditions around that time proved to be too dangerous to allow any more riding, so the race was called for the remainder of the day. 

On Sunday we made the snowy track from the hotel to the pits. Everything was buried and they were using the groomers to clear the way. Needless to say racing was cancelled due to the fact that too many competitors were trapped in their hotel rooms and couldn't make it to the race. 

Fargo, ND

ISOC National 12/13-12/15

Day 1: Qualifying was early afternoon and Jesse came in 2nd behind Cody Matechuk. ISOC is now using a two moto format for the snowbike classes because that's how motocross scoring is done. Anyway, Moto 1 was at 7:20pm eastern time and Cody Matechuk was maintaining a lead on Jesse, however he crashed around his last corner and Jesse took 1st place. Moto 2 began at 9:25 eastern time and Jesse maintained a lead over Matechuk the entire race and took home the gold! 

Day 2: In qualifying he placed third. In Moto 1 Jesse came out strong and finished first ahead of Cody Matechuk, unfortunately in Moto 2 he suffered a broken chain which put him in a back of the pack position and he did not podium. 

Day 3 (Duluth Make Up): Jesse missed practice due to Chapel and fixing mechanical issues suffered the night previous. However, he placed well in qualifying and in Moto 1 placed first and placed 2nd in Moto 2 with an overall 2nd place finish.

Shakopee, MN

ISOC National 1/3-1/5

Day 1-

Day 2-

Day 3-

Aspen X Games

ISOC National 1/3-1/5

Practice: Friday practice only included racing the top portion of the track and the day did not go as planned. Jesse was riding a brand new Timbersled kit on a brand new bike that was solely built for X Games purposes. He was struggling to find the right stiffness for the suspension and forks. Saturday practice included the whole track and Jesse was feeling more comfortable on the bike, but some adjustments with the suspension had to be made.

Qualifying: Heat 1 and heat 2 of qualifying run directly before the final of X Games, which does not leave much time after the race to prepare for the final. Jesse had the 5th fastest lap time during practice placing him in heat 2 for qualifying. The top 6 of each heat are included in the final. Jesse took first place in his heat placing him in the running for the final race. The bike felt good, but a slight adjustment on the front forks was necessary before continuing. 

Final: The final race took place 20 minutes after the second heat of qualifying not leaving much time to fuel up or made adjustments, but the boys found time and got it done. Jesse lined up on the inside thinking the bike would hook like it has throughout the day, but unfortunately the bike spun leaving Jesse in 7th off the start. He was battling between Hoyer, Mees, and Hill to make it into a podium position. In the final laps of the race, Hoyer went down on a corner leaving Jesse to cross the finish line and take home a bronze medal at the 2020 Aspen X Games making him a two time medalist (consecutively).

Dubuque, IA

ISOC National 1/31-2/1

Day 1: Jesse went straight from X Games to Dubuque to compete in the next ISOC National. The bike was ready to go and the suspension problems were worked out. He practiced, raced in the qualifier, and then came the final. He was feeling good and the bike was where it needed to be. In Moto 1 Jesse took first place and did the same in Moto 2 leaving him with an overall 1st place and a gold medal. 

Day 2: After a successful first day at the track, the pressure was there to perform as he did the previous races. He practiced and qualified and took two first places in both motos with an overall first place and gold medal in the second day as well!

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